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Traumatic Brain Injury Survivor, Speaker, Coach, Philanthropist, Entrepreneur, and Professional Athlete

In December 2014, I experienced a life-altering attack that left me with a severe traumatic brain injury, completely paralyzed on my right side, and unable to speak. Despite undergoing four major brain surgeries and extensive therapy to regain basic functions, I, still partially paralyzed, managed to make a remarkable recovery, thanks to my prior commitment to fitness and a healthy lifestyle. This foundation of physical health, combined with my dedication, consistency, and resilient mindset, not only helped me survive but also fueled my recovery. I channeled my resilience into a purpose-driven life by founding the 'Kel Strong' Foundation to assist others with traumatic brain injuries on their journey to recovery, pursuing a career as a professional bodybuilder, and venturing into entrepreneurship. The core principles of my recovery—physical health, dedication, consistency, and positive mindset—serve as the four pillars of the 'Kel Strong' brand.

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