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How a positive attitude and a healthy lifestyle can transform your life. Embrace positivity and watch your success grow!



Kel Mabatah is a sought-after motivational speaker and professional bodybuilder who inspires others by sharing his story of survival and recovery after suffering a horrific, near-deadly attack that left him with a severe traumatic brain injury and paralysis. Instead of letting his physical limitations define his life, Kel underwent a decisive mental shift and leaned into fitness through which he has gained a unique perspective on overcoming seemingly insurmountable challenges.


Kel is also a philanthropist who started The ‘Kel Strong’ Mabatah Foundation to help individuals impacted by traumatic brain injuries with the recovery process. Kel is more than a speaker, he is a living testament that our circumstances do not define us, our mindset and actions do. Through his talks, Kel shares the steps and strategies that helped him to overcome challenges while facing adversity that will resonate with all audiences. Kel is extremely passionate about serving and helping others with the second chance at life that he has gotten.

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Triumph Over Adversity: Kel's Journey of Resilience

Embracing Resilience: The Key to Overcoming Challenges

Unlocking Your Potential: Finding Strength in Setbacks

Thriving in the Face of Adversity: Strategies for Success

Jonathan Eades, Head of School at The Kinkaid School

"Having worked in schools for almost 30 years, I can say without exaggeration that his talk was one of the most impactful assemblies I've ever seen. Kel is a living embodiment of our school's Core Values, and his ability to connect and relate to our students will not soon be forgotten."

Trixy Roy, PTA Instructor, Physical Therapist Assistant Program, Blinn College

"Kel Mabatah inspired our new Physical Therapist Assistant graduates with his survival story and recovery journey, emphasizing the impact of dedication in therapy. His motivational speech about hard work and overcoming challenges that leads to success deeply touched the students and their families. I know so many people are being touched by Kel's story and his compassionate heart to serve and inspire others."

President Elect 2024-2025, The Bellaire Southwest Houston Rotary Club

"Kel inspired the Bellaire Southwest Houston Rotary Club with his talk on overcoming a traumatic brain injury and his ongoing challenges. The reception from our club's membership to his presentation was overwhelmingly positive. His powerful story of survival and recovery was well-received, making his visit a memorable honor for our club."

Rebecca Doggett, Mother of 2nd Grade Cub Scout

"Kel spoke to our 2nd grade Cub Scouts about his life, focusing on overcoming injury and not giving up, in a way that was engaging for them. Kel did a wonderful job of talking about his life in a way that was relatable to this age group. He shared lessons on bravery, hard work, and never giving up, exemplified by his participation in bodybuilding competitions, which the boys loved hearing about. Thank you, Kel!"

The Brain Injury Programs Health and Human Services Commission

"We want to thank Kel for taking the time to speak at the 2023 Brain Injury Awareness Events hosted by the Brain Injury Programs of Health and Human Services Commission. His presence and the information presented made a huge impact on the brain injury community to provide a pathway to recovery and a connection to hope."




Click the button below to inquire about Kel's availability, speaking topics, and how he can make your event unforgettable. 


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